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At Elite Dental and Aesthetics, we believe that engaged and well-informed patients achieve the best outcomes when it comes to maintaining their oral health. Dr. Kathein and Dr. Kossak spend the time to educate their patients about their dental conditions, recommended home care, and treatment procedures. “One of the most useful tools of communicating with my patients is the intraoral camera. I use it routinely to show my patients what I see inside their mouths,“ says Dr. Kathein. “Sometimes a patient has no pain or symptoms, but has a huge cavity on a back tooth. Patients are often amazed at the photos we show them of their teeth. By keeping our patients informed, we build trust. Only then can we have the patient-dentist partnership that is necessary to achieve optimal oral health. “

Using our intra-oral cameras, we give our patients a video tour of the entire mouth. The images are magnified and displayed on a television monitor so our patients can see problems such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities, and excessive wear. These images are saved onto the patient’s electronic chart for future referral. Our intraoral cameras are so advanced and sensitive that they can show cavities in red (see image below.)

Using an intra-oral camera, our patients can be actively engaged in their dental treatment and are able to better understand the dentist’s evaluations and recommendations. If you have a cavity or need work on a tooth, we will also take intra oral photos after we have restored the tooth. We love to show our patients the "before" and "after" views, so you can see the high quality of our work and appreciate how hard we work to make your tooth beautiful, functional and healthy.

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